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The experience with Regression was a very good one. I went there with the objective of understanding some recurring behaviors, and came out with much more than that.

To begin with, I was a bit skeptical about being hypnotized… but was amazed as I found myself falling deeper and deeper as the sessions, to the point where I simply forgot where I was. It turned out to be relaxing and relatively easy to deal with, as you get more comfortable with the experience.

The “Exchange of Energy” exercise was really helpful.



"Hi Pratima i really enjoyed the past life regression session; I felt that you were very professional and the process was life-changing.

Just yesterday i was telling someone about it and it got them very interested as well- there are so many people who want desperately to heal, so i have utmost respect for you and the work that you do. :) "



"Since completing the 6 sessions hypnosis treatment I have been feeling much more positive and happy.

The area/ session that seams weaker than the others was creating an anchor to remind me not to overeat. The reason for this is because it was necessary for me to listen to the hypnosis before I went to sleep for 21 nights and to write an affirmation. This was a tricky thing to do if I went out for an evening or stayed with friends.

I have found the spoken affirmations much easier to manage and therefore successful. Now, when I walk to school everyday I go to my garden and sit under my tree.

I release my worries/ anxieties etc into the ground and fill myself with light. Then I release my cellular memories and finally complete my own affirmation about will power and health - I began this after a self hypnosis session about 4 days ago and it is proving to be very positive.

I would recommend hypnosis to others who I think would benefit from it and certainly recomend Pratima - thank you for all you have done for me!"



“I am familiar with the hypnotherapy/past life from the book called “Many lives, many masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss. Hence, when I heard about Pratima and past life hypnotherapy, I was very keen to find out what the experience would be like.

The regression experience was pleasant, different and yet left me puzzling. The preparation process including Aura Cleansing etc was surprisingly beneficial and impactful. The actual regression into the past life left me puzzling as I was not sure if it was real. Yet, the powerful emotion emerged during the session felt real.

Pratima was very professional and yet comforting which was hugely helpful to a first timer like me.”



"Hypnotherapy awareness talk was extremely informative, factual and well researched. No hard sell that hypnotherapy is the answer to ALL. I liked the way this was communicated very honestly. Great!!!"



"I wasn't looking to seek answers to any significant mysterious equations of my present life. In the absence of any pressing issue, and, to ensure that my PLR is anchord to a memory/event that can trigger off a journey towards my past, my analytical mind brought to front a couple of aspects of my present life as a test case to dissect for any stains from my past lives.

Being a complete alien to hyposis , it was intriguing to witness me forcing facts out of my subconsious memory while being completely aware of the facts I was disclosing. Counter intuitively, as much as I was aware of "what" I was saying, I failed to reason out "why" I chose to bring up certain things.

The whole experience of past life, at the back of my spontaneous response to the questions above led me to a further set of facts emerging from my current life. However, this time, since my responses were against the framework of a past life, the culmination of these bizarre facts emerging from my current life supposedly lent itself to explain a sequence of events about my past life! If that sounded confusing, you should try it out yourself. Especially those who are intrigued by the concept of mind and matter, are open minded to the possibility of linkages of abstract facts from your current day to day life to significant events from your past lives.

Pratima is a fantastic person and will put you at ease as you take the plunge into where you may have really come from as opposed to what your mom told you!"

--Anand Satyamurthy


"It is a privilege to have had Reiki Grand Master Pratima to teach me reiki level 2. After the Attunement, I feel a lot of energy flowing thru my hands. Energy that I have never felt before. Thanks from Chan WH"

--Chan WH


"Work and stress had made my health & life very unpredictable and problems seemed to pile up without any solutions. Pratima gave me an Egyptian Card Reading and it was extremely accurate on all aspects.

Reiki was very new to me and coming from a family of doctors I had my doubts if it would work! I attended her Level 1 & 2 workshops and she went through the steps with finest details and taught with utmost patience. Her knowledge of the subject, coupled with various other therapies she has expertise in was like 10 at the price of 1.

It has been a couple of months since I am practising Reiki and my stress levels are in control. I feel positive and confident. the fittest compliment I can pay Pratima is that she made a believer out of me!"



Thanks Pratima for guiding me through reiki level 1. I am amazed by the experience of energy flowing thru me after the attunement. Thank you.


Tarot Card Readings

"Enjoyed the Tarot/ Egyptian card reading and it seems spot-on with what I am going through..."



"Tarot card reading was very accurate. I got better insights into how I can solve my problems. Peace of mind"



I did a basic tarot work shop with Pratima. It was very interesting and easy course. She is very clear, precise and comprehensive in her methodology. I really enjoyed doing the Arcanas and the readings at the end of the class.



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